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Seed Bird Feeder

Seed Bird Feeder

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The plastic-free Seed Bird Feeder uses the highest quality materials for superior performance. Its all-metal construction provides maximum protection from squirrel damage as a result. We all know squirrels can easily chew plastic and destroy feeders, so there’s no plastic here. What’s more, you can release the whole base of the feeder to make your regular cleans much easier. The lid has a locking mechanism to further keep clever squirrels out.

A magnificent four port bird feeder with every port having its own landing perch. So, you can watch several birds using this feeder at the same time. Perfect for gardens with lots of visiting feathered friends.

Its feature-packed design includes:

  • Super-strong steel hanging wire.
  • Ingenious lid locking mechanism.
  • Generous rain shelter roof.
  • Stainless steel fine mesh.
  • Black powder-coated steel body.
  • Seed catch tray.
  • Quick-release dispenser base for easy cleaning and good bird hygiene.

Try to site the feeder with a good all-around view so that the birds can see they are safe from predators while they feed. Shelter from the sun and the cold wind is also advised. Having a branch, bush or vegetation close-by for the birds to perch on and access the area ensures safe feeding.

It's best practice to clean out your seed bird feeder regularly. Empty the leftover seeds onto a nearby bird table, ledge or the ground. Unless the seeds have started to rot or go bad, in this case, bin them. Once emptied, wash with hot water and a hygiene brush.

Comes with an extended 2-year product guarantee.

Dimensions: 285mm x 170mm x 170mm

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