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The Right Genes by Nick Hamilton

The Right Genes by Nick Hamilton

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I’ve heard it said that the middle son is the one that turns out to be most like their father. I think, certainly in this case, that has turned out to be true. We were both the middle son of three boys, each brought up by a father that was completely barking mad and both found horticulture was the life for us at an early age. 

Although while each of us were growing up they were in different times, my dad’s first memories were of the second world war and then went on from there, while I was born straight into the swinging sixties. That said, our lives seemed to have followed the same pattern, meaning we turned out the same. So this story of a son growing up with his dad and all the weird and wonderful things that happened along the journey is a vision of the dad, but seen through the eyes of his son. 

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