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Ladybird Tower

Ladybird Tower

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The first and original ladybird tower. The ladybird towers, for ladybirds and other beneficial insects, are made from natural air-dried FSC-certified timber logs, so the appearance may vary.

Each tower is cleverly constructed to provide a hollow central chamber filled with straw to provide insulation and security for beneficial insects. Access to the central chamber is provided by paths drilled through the sides of the log. The apex roof protects the central chamber.

The ladybird tower comes with a ground pole (fixed at the rear for transport). The ladybird tower can be sited on lawns, sheltered flower beds, wooded glades or even in planters.

To encourage occupation of the tower by ladybirds, you can smear ladybird food on the entrance holes.

The slow-seasoned naturally durable timbers require no chemical preservatives that might deter occupation of your ladybird tower.

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