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Ladybird & Insect Lodge

Ladybird & Insect Lodge

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The Ladybird lodge is designed as a safe retreat for beneficial insects. By encouraging natural predators into your garden, you can avoid the use of garden chemicals and be kind to the natural world.

The hinged roof opens so that you can introduce your own natural materials, rose cuttings, twigs, bark & straw to enhance the sheltered environment.

The Ladybird Lodge is also designed to accept live ladybirds available to order online from specialist suppliers. You can introduce the ladybirds into the lodge, where they will venture out to eat garden pests such as aphids or greenflies, scale insects, and mites. You can view your garden helpers through the Perspex side window.

Ladybird Facts:

  • A seven-spot ladybird can eat up to 50 aphids a day.
  • Ladybirds are also known as ladybugs.
  • Site your Ladybird Lodge near a natural food source such as pesky aphids.

The ladybird lodge is made from environmentally sustainable FSC certified timber. The lower chamber features cosy bamboo tubes for overwintering ladybirds, lacewings and invertebrates. Additionally, the wooden front ledge features drilled holes for nesting solitary bees, another great friend of the gardener doing lots of pollination of plants and flowers.

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