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Gardening for Wildlife. 24th February, 2024

Gardening for Wildlife. 24th February, 2024

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Britain's gardens have become a crucial nature reserve and there's plenty you can do to help wildlife in your own plot - however you garden. A lifelong gardener and nature lover, David Hurrion will reveal how to create a natural balance that will benefit you and your plants, as well as the Nation's wildlife. This course will look at:

  • Natural lifecycles of plants and wildlife.
  • How soil life is fundamental to plants and life above ground.
  • The range of habitats that gardens provide.
  • How to make use of natural pest predators.
  • The best plants to benefit wildlife all year round.

PLUS, you'll get to sow wildflowers to take home with you at the end of the session.

Price includes tea/coffee on arrival and entry to the Gardens.

Combine this course and the morning course with David - Know Your Soil - for a £10 discount, applied at checkout.

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