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Garden Design Workshop. 5th October, 2024.

Garden Design Workshop. 5th October, 2024.

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While many of us are more than competent to design and decorate our homes, the ideas can often dry up as soon as we move outside. Just where is the best place for a patio or path, the shed, greenhouse or an arbour and of course the whole question of choosing and using plants taxes many of us.

David Stevens has been designing gardens all over the world for over 40 years with 11 Chelsea Gold medals to his credit. David will take you right the way through the planning process from the initial analysis of what you have and what you would like, though the many choices of paving and walling which will lead in turn to the whole question of the actual design which will very much reflect your personality and needs.

Planting and planting design will bring the garden alive and can be tailored to the amount of maintenance you are happy to undertake, this of course backed up with an in depth tour of Barnsdale Gardens.

David is in great demand as a designer and lecturer in garden design all over the world, so this day is a treat not to be missed!

Price includes tea/coffee, lunch and entry to the Gardens.

Combine a Garden Design Workshop with a Planting Design Workshop for a 10% discount off one course, applied at checkout.

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